Auf wiedersehen?

I just recently returned from New York City and had an absolutely great time. This blog post isn’t really about my trip though. I wrote a blog post a few months back, the topic being falling out of love with travel. I hoped at the time it was a temporary feeling but I think it is here to stay. I travelled to New York with two friends, watching a basketball and ice hockey game, spent St Patrick’s Day moving from one Irish bar to the next and just had an all round good time.

I regret to say that I have found this blog is becoming a chore, I am writing for the sake of writing rather than enjoying my writing. That is not to say I want to stop blogging completely and I’m in the process of starting a second blog. This time my main focus being to write about what I want to be able to write about, not what I feel I should be.

I have enjoyed my time here, but for now it is goodbye. Feel free to visit!

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