Writing a Bucket List

I wrote a blog post nearly a year and a half ago about the concept of the Bucket List. I didn’t have a bucket list and it would be fair to say I didn’t speak highly of them. To quote myself,  “the concept of the bucket list is an irrational pet peeve of mine”.

Now I am putting together my own bucket list.

I think this is one of those times where it is best to hold up my hands and admit my opinion was really quite unfair (i.e. I was wrong). A lot has changed, including my attitude towards travel.

kelly-sikkema-411622-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The catalyst for all this can probably be found in my recent blog post, falling out of love with travel. I think I now understand why I am feeling like this. Travel has typically been spontaneous for me and as the years have passed I have lost some of this. I have realised there are particular things I want to do and specific places I want to visit, rather than booking a trip from my living room one evening to a place I had never thought of before that moment. I feel I have a little more direction. There are things I have missed out on for years because they are within the UK. The spontaneous nature of my travels has very rarely not started at an airport.

My growing Bucket List currently has about 15 items on it, over half being travel related. I have included things such as visiting Bamburgh Beach, which I will now make a genuine effort to fit into my plans. I am pretty sure Northumberland would have been an outsider at the very best if I was being more spontaneous in choosing where to visit. Writing my Bucket List has also got me thinking about other goals I want to achieve. I will not go into these, but I think it helps provide direction when feeling a little lost. These ideas of things I have wanted to do and places I have wanted to go are flooding back to me, it’s all quite exciting.

I think I owe the concept of the Bucket List an apology and to everyone who has made me mentally roll my eyes (and hopefully not too frequently actually rolled my eyes) when listening to them talk about their bucket list.

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