Lake Bled – when to visit?

Only now am I finally getting around to writing a blog post about my trips to Lake Bled. I originally intended to include the surrounding areas and day trips I have taken from Bled, but it would be too lengthy and I am lazy.

Before my first trip, my initial question was when to visit?

Having now visited in March, early June, late July and late October/early November., I hope I can answer this. Being British, I must talk first about the weather. From snow in March to nearly a week of very hot, sunny July days followed by a drop of 10C degrees and two days of rain. The Bled Island was just about visible one foggy November day followed by two days of clear blue skies. To summarise, it won’t snow in July and you won’t be swimming in the lake in January, but I found the weather to be unpredictable.

SAMSUNG CSCPhoto: Autumnal colours around the Lake (October)

Lake Bled is stunning year round. The white snow capped mountains in the colder months, the fiery reds and yellows in the Autumn and the lush, greens in the summer. I have yet to visit Bled in the spring (without snow), so that is a trip for another day. When it comes to Lake Bled itself, it does not disappoint regardless of the time of year you visit.

While the Lake is stunning year round, I found the town itself to be very different in June or July than it is in November or March. Many places are shut in the off-peak months and a number of tours and excursions do not operate until the spring months. If I am to be quite honest, the town felt ‘dead’ when I visited in March, the only life arriving with coach tours visiting The Bled Island or Bled Castle.

Lake Bled is still a wonderful place to visit in the off-peak seasons and I have very much loved my trips. However a shorter stay, or maybe even a day trip from Ljubljana, would be my recommendation if visiting in the off-peak season.

P1000194Photo: Bled Castle (March)

The summer is very different.

In the heat people are swimming in the lake, paddle boarding and just about anything else to cool down. Fishermen seemed to be sitting in nearly every spot that was practical to fish from, assuming people jumping in the lake hadn’t already beaten them to it. Pubs and restaurants were busy, tables and chairs filling the town ‘square’ seated with people drinking late into the evening.

I stayed in Bled for a week in July and could have easily stayed another. There is so much to do, some many places to explore that just aren’t as practical or enjoyable in the colder or wintery months. A hot air balloon over Lake Bled, exploring the area either by bicycle or on foot, rafting or canoeing the Soca River, visiting nearby gorges. I could go on.


WP_20160604_12_41_35_ProPhoto: Lake Bled from Mala Osojnica (June)

The best I can do is offer advice based on my own experiences; it is a wonderful place year round but my answer to when to visit would be to June or July, as least the first time visiting.

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