Now I am free

March has been nothing short of crazy. The sometimes bittersweet concept of working from home has meant I have done little else in my spare time since the beginning of the month.

But now I am free. For a week.

I still haven’t found the time to pick up the blog, but I am touching base to ensure I myself don’t forget it is here. I am currently packing for my trip to Slovenia, travelling with friends staying two nights in Ljubljana and three nights in Bled. Today we’ll be staying in an airport hotel in Stansted, likely watching the rugby and football in the hotel bar.


Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

I usually leave packing until the last minute, but I’m close to being literal this time. I am leaving in just over an hour and continuing to procrastinate, although I only have to throw a few more things into my suitcase and remember to pack the charger that is still charging my Kindle and phone.

I hope to write my first meaningful blog post when I return, armed with more photographs of one of my favourite places from a different season. Now, fingers crossed the “mini Beast from the East” cause my flight will be cancelled.

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