A ‘holiday’ lifestyle

I was quite doubtful I’d keep this blog going beyond a handful of blog posts. But here I am at blog post number 50 and it is one about my own self-reflection. I am aware I am 34 and settling down is still a distant thought, travel and going on holiday are still very my thing.

I am not sure why it has taken this long to come to the realisation that going on holiday while working is actually a lifestyle choice. It is not delaying the responsibilities of adulthood, it is another version of adulthood. Just not the one I thought I would live when I was young and planning out my life, but when does that ever work out.


Photo: Zanzibar, Tanzania (2017)

Where did this epiphany come from?

I was having dinner with my friend last night, when she commented “what has [she] actually done with her life”. I think deep down it was part rhetorical, but she still looked at me for an answer.

My friend is 33. She has two children, her own solicitors practice and owns her own home. I answered she has a good family and successful career, her children go to good schools and she owns a lovely home. My friend was not convinced, responding that “anybody can do what she has done”. I do not think she meant this literally, rather she feels she is living the life she felt she is expected to live, rather than the one she perhaps wanted to live.

Myself? I am not attached, have no children and while I have a good job that I enjoy, I am not a property owner. However ask me the same question my friend asked and I have a different answer, despite all of the above I feel I really have done something with my life.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where this feeling comes from, but if I had to guess I would attribute it to travel. I would never pretend to be the most travelled person in the room, but having less personal commitments has given me the opportunity to see things I want to see, to go places I want to go. I may not travel the world for months on end and going away usually has to fit around my work commitments. I’m not even sure I’d want to spend my life travelling, I like home too much.


Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

I do sometimes think to myself that I should start to save a deposit to purchase a property instead of spending my surplus income on holidays. I sometimes think that perhaps I should consider settling down, I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination but I’m not young either. I am doing the same thing today as I was ten years ago, the only difference being I have replaced hostels with hotels, I go to restaurants and bars rather than making my own sandwiches and cooking pasta in hostel kitchens.

In ten years time will I still be doing the same thing? Will I be 44 and thinking perhaps I should settle down when I’m closing in on 50? Right now still travelling sounds a pretty good plan, my conversation with my friend has made me realise that is nothing wrong with that. Nobody can predict the future and life has funny ways of working out, but right now spending my time and disposable income on travel is a lifestyle that I wouldn’t want to change for the world.

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