First flights booked

Financial priorities will likely need to be away from travel this year, this is probably subject to change. I have accepted this will mean less holidays, or at least not to all the places I would like to visit over the next 12 months.

With that said, less than seven days into the new year and I had already booked my first flights, although it was not a spontaneous booking.

I was waiting on friends to confirm whether they were able to take a week off work towards the end of March, we are visiting Slovenia. For me it is walking paths previously trodden, so there is little need to get the Lonely Planet guide books out but hotels are already booked and the planning has begun.


Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

The flight is early morning, the airport hotel has already been chosen and transfers from the airport to Ljubljana are currently being arranged.

The point of this very short blog post? Travelling is something to look forward to, it is exciting, it is part of what living is about, it is part of my life.

I’m not sure whether I have an actual need to keep travelling or whether I could survive half a year without going away, I’m doubtful. Once Slovenia is fully booked, I will no doubt start looking ahead to the summer.  Is travel addictive, is it an addiction? Perhaps, and if so it’s an expensive one, but one that I wouldn’t want to change.



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