Falling over

I went for a run on Sunday and I fell over. Not a stumble, or a trip, but properly, flat out fell on the floor. I am not entirely sure why I am writing this bizarre blog post, other than to share my story. It isn’t informative and probably not worth reading.

I grazed my arm quite badly and my neck is still very sore (I assume this is related), but nothing serious. My first reaction was not one concerned with my well-being, but hoping nobody saw me. When telling this story to my friends they did of course ask if I was okay, but what they were more interested in and asked first was whether anybody saw. It’s quite absurd when put into context, we have all fallen over countless times and it is not a source of shame.

Unfortunately somebody did see, a car stopped and the driver gestured asking if I was okay. I gave him the thumbs up, picked myself up and carried on running. Adrenaline gave me the chance to flee the scene as soon as I possibly could. It was only once I got home did I notice how badly grazed my arm was, how sore the cuts were and the fact I was covered in mud.

shane-rounce-229912Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

There is of course a cut off point which I have most definitely been past, where the pain is to a degree that you really couldn’t care less if you were naked and being broadcast to the world. But why, when the outcome is less serious, is embarrassment seemingly the overriding initial emotion.

There is also the humour associated with people falling over. I will delve not too deeply into this topic as I risk incriminating myself. I will however start to tell a story I will never forget.

I was walking through Central Park some 10 years ago now with some friends, moving aside when we noticed a cyclist approaching us to our left to get out of his way. Not more than 10 meters past us, he hit something on the ground causing his bike to come to a very sudden stop.

The laws of momentum were not on the side of the cyclist on that day…

For something will all do with more frequency that we’d care to admit, I have no idea why falling over can be such a source of embarrassment and humour. Not one person I have told about my recent incident hasn’t laughed out loud.

If you made it to the end of this blog post, you have the stamina to read absolute waffle with an alien interest.


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