10k later (and still standing)

My journey continues.

I woke up on Sunday morning and it was cold, my phone kindly told me it was just above freezing and the frost across the lawn and surrounding gardens confirmed this.  The sun was shining, fortunately.

It was the day of my 10k race and my training hadn’t really gone to plan. I had been unwell the preceding week and had only once ran close to 10k since July. I was looking for an excuse to present itself, even hoping I hadn’t completed the registration process correctly or an administration error meant I couldn’t run.

It didn’t, I was going to have to run.

I mention the weather in jest, we were lucky. It was a nice day for late-November and the ground was fairly dry for this time of the year. I expect this blog post to be very different had the rain been lashing down and instead of fallen-leaf lined woodland paths, I was running through puddles of thick mud.

I am familiar with the woods we were set to run through and I had run a previous 10k covering a part of the same course. I knew it would be a hilly course, I thought knew what to expect, I was wrong. I wouldn’t have looked out of place wearing crampons with an ice pick at my side, this is of course a vast exaggeration but the hills were steeper, longer and more frequent than I expected.

At times it was hard, but we did it. I finished in just under one hour and five minutes and my friends similar times.

Having not run 10k in nearly half a year, I had done it. I was proud. There was even a general agreement that we enjoyed it.  The day was made complete by undoing much of our good work and heading to the pub for a couple of beers and some lunch, but that is what we are good at doing.

todd-diemer-220621Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash

So what now?

Next May and the 12 mile Tough Mudder draw nearer and I have yet to step foot inside a gym. I am looking at three more 10k races in January, February and March respectively but more is needed. I need to run further and more frequently, I keep trying to run three or four times a week but life gets in the way. The plan to cut back on the alcohol hasn’t really happened and now entering the Christmas period, it is pointless to try again until the new year. The same can be said about the diet.

However I need to sort myself out, the alternative is being no closer to being able to complete the Tough Mudder than I am now. I have no choice, but motivation can still be hard to come by and it is so much easier typing this blog post than it is actually doing the things I am saying I am going to do.

This helps though. I look back at my first running related blog post from August and my blog post a month ago and I think I am moving in the right direction. I probably should write a blog post entirely devoted to cutting back my drinking habits, but that might be too much of an admission than I am willing to make.

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  1. Every time you think of skipping something you promised yourself or the blog, that you gonna do imagine how great it will feel after you have done it. Besides I am here reading, so I’m looking for updates!

    • It’s encouraging to know that people are reading! Knowing how great I will feel after a run does motivate, and I do always feel great afterwards. I try my hardest to keep myself going.

      I am also fortunate it that this is a journey I am sharing with friends, not the Tough Mudder itself but the end goal is a half-marathon – going alone might be a step too far at the moment.

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