Plug sockets in hotel rooms

My recent stay at a Travelodge on a work trip has prompted this short blog post.

The location and the hotel itself is definitely worthy of a separate blog post, but this is about the plug sockets. Not one plug socket was anywhere remotely near the bed.

The wall opposite the bed was fine. The TV had a choice of four plug sockets and the kettle – which was unplugged – had the choice of two. The lamp in the corner of the room could also be picky. The two walls the bed was against had none. Not one. Zero.

This cannot be anything other the design.

apple iphone 6Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels 

I have no idea why.

The best possible guess is that, well, I don’t know. Even the cynic in me cannot think of a rational reason, or even an irrational reason. Fortunately I have learnt from experience to take a take a portable charger with me, but this means one of two things for those of us who use our phone for an alarm and haven’t planned ahead.

a) a flat phone battery

b) having to get out of bed to turn off the alarm

Having a flat battery is a no. Do hotels really want to ruin our precious sleep time and force us to get out of bed just to snooze our alarms?

I have read stories about people who have rearranged hotel rooms, moving beds from one wall to the other. This is a bit extreme and unnecessary, but it does make me ask the question of why?

If somebody knows the answer, please let me know.





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  1. I always pack an extension lead then we can have an overnight charging station for phones, iPads and cameras.

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