Finding the motivation to run

I am struggling to find the motivation to run at the moment, or make any real effort to improve my fitness (and health).

This is a diary blog post and a kick up the backside to myself, more than anything else. I need a platform to write down what I need to do and somewhere I can update as and when.

I wrote a blog post two months ago about how unfit I have been over the past decade or so and that I was finally doing something about it. At the time of writing the blog post I thought I may had broken my toe, fortunately I hadn’t, but I still hadn’t run since the beginning of July until this morning.

I just cannot find the motivation and am desperately trying to find it.

I have paid for a 10k in three weeks time and a 12 mile Tough Mudder next May. That is right, I am not sure what went through my head at the time of booking the Tough Mudder. But I did.

The Tough Mudder is what I am focusing on to get back to the track and join a gym, but it is hard. I would not be able to run 12 miles, I definitely would not be able to complete the obstacles in a Tough Mudder. But May is seven months away. In my mind I have ages and rational thought is being ignored.

I nearly didn’t run this morning, I was laying in bed and made the decision to run ‘tomorrow’ instead. I did, and I am glad I did, but I didn’t realise just how badly four months without running has taken its toll on my body. I ran little over 5k but my body feels like I have run back-to-back marathons, climbed Mt Everest and swan the English Channel.


Photo by kinkate from Pexels 

I hurt and now realise seven months may not be enough time to prepare for the Tough Mudder unless I really get my act together. I probably need to clean up my diet a little too, I mainly let myself down at the weekends with too many takeaways but only minor adjustments are needed.

It is the alcohol intake that is the bigger issue. I see different groups of friends throughout the week and most of the time this involves going to the pub, or if the pub isn’t involved, a few bottles of beer wherever else we may be. The weekends are no better, especially during the football (soccer) season. They are probably a lot worse, if anything.

So. My checklist of what I need to do in the coming months is actually a little frightening:-

  • Run at least three times a week and fight off the excuses I make to myself. I have friends who run too, making this a little easier at times.
  • Join a gym. The joining part is easy, I need to actually make sure I use it. Fortunately there is a gym on my journey home from work. This wins half the battle of actually physically getting there.
  • Making minor amendments to my diet, I should cut back on the takeaways at the weekend and I will try. Of the four bullet points, this one is probably where I can be less disciplined.
  • Significantly cutting back my alcohol intake. This will be the most difficult by a long way, I am going to have to make changes to habits and what I enjoy when seeing my friends. It have to be a combination of not going out as much and drinking soft drinks on some occasions when I do go out. I think cutting out alcohol completely is, at least at the moment, an unrealistic target to set myself.

Wish me luck, I cannot see it being an easy ride and not something I will come back next week with stories of complete success.

Updated 9/11/2017 – I was disappointed with myself last weekend. On Saturday I told myself I was going to run on the Sunday. I didn’t. I did however run nearly 9k on Wednesday after work which has given me the confidence that I’ll be okay running my 10k later in the month.

I still haven’t joined the gym, I really need to. I have made a conscious effort to drink less, it has somewhat helped although I haven’t succeeded in going up the pub with my friends and not drinking any alcohol at all. Baby steps.


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  1. Hey there. Well let me tell you that you’re not the only one battling the “let’s get fitter” demons. I’m battling it too. Ugh..I’ve never been one to walk or run..dear shit, hell no! But over the last year I’ve been through a divorce, I’ve upped the number of cigarettes I smoke..from four a day it easily went to twenty over two days.. And right now I’m battling to wean myself off from smoking..I believe it’s the hardest thing..( that mindset is definitely wrong right..’anyway no judgement) I’m happy to say that I’ve started running and it’s addictive..pffft never thought I’d say that😱. My advice is..keep on going and yes you’re going to have off days..yikes, do I really have to do this..hmmm, but keep on moving..make the changes in your time..bit by bit.. Half the battle is making that concise decision.. after that, the run just happens..Good Luck🙋

    • It’s good to hear from other people. You are right with the very fundamentals of the advice to keep on going, and not to chastise oneself for having a bad day, or perhaps even a bad week, My legs are too sore today to run again, so fortunately my body hasn’t given me any choice in the matter. Good luck to you too!

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