Isle of Man

I have just returned from visiting a friend on the Isle of Man. I will briefly share my experience.

I will be completely honest in saying that I hadn’t given the Isle of Man itself much thought, my friends and I were visiting an old friend. If I was to exaggerate, I was expecting a time-warp back to the 1920’s where the weather does nothing but rain. The later is almost true, I was just lucky.

I was pleasantly surprised by such a lovely little island.

The hotel was chosen a month or so ago. The only criteria being that it was in Douglas and ‘looked alright’. We chose the Glen Mona HQ Bar & Restaurant, which as luck would have it turned out to be a lovely B&B just set back from the sea front.

We arrived around 8pm, the first evening was spent in a pub (Queens Hotel). This involved plenty of drinking, including a very nice golden beer called Autumn Dawn brewed by Okell’s.

The next morning we drove to Peel to meet my friend’s wife and daughter, driving along the Manx TT route for part of the journey. Until two days ago I had never heard of this place that has approximately 5,000 people and is the third largest town on the island,. This puts the size of the island into perspective.


Photo: Peel, Isle of Man

The weather was so very kind, aside from a few clouds it was the perfect day.

Peel has a lovely castle and narrow streets winding around a small harbor. The town also boasts a sandy beach, although it wasn’t quite warm enough to put on the swimming shorts. I only wish we had more time in the town and the opportunity to take more photos.

I hope to return to the Isle of Man. Peel is definitely a place I would like to spend more time and would highly recommend visiting.


Photo: Peel, Isle of Man

Heading back to Douglas we drove across the mountain pass, again in part on the Manx TT course. The mountain may be small, but the views were incredible. I really wish I had a photo I could upload to my blog post that can do it justice. Sadly we didn’t have an opportunity to stop and had to settle for enjoying the vistas from the inside of our car.

For all the delights the island may hold, this was about visiting my friend and we hit the pubs upon arriving back in Douglass.

The evening and my trip ended in the Thirsty Pigeon, which definitely deserves a mention. The Thirsty Pigeon is perhaps the strangest pub I have ever been to with perhaps the most diverse range of customers. It is hard to put into words why, but it is a dream for anybody who enjoys people watching.

IMG-20171001-WA0001Photo: Peel, Isle of Man

I don’t think many of us Brits explore our own country as much as we should. I am as guilty as anyone, if not more so. It’s perhaps ironic that a crown dependency not part of the UK has been a lovely reminder to me to visit more of the UK.

I’ve booked to visit Linlithgow next weekend. Any other suggestions in the UK please let me know!

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