The Bucket List?

The bucket list.

bucket list



  • A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.


It would be hard to find too many people who are unaware of the concept of the bucket list. A lot of people would likely say they have their own. And why not. Knowing what you want to experience and where you want to go can only be a good thing.


I am not trying to be different, but I would stick out a limb and say that I do not have a bucket list of my own.

There are many, many places I would like to visit and many things I would like to experience. But I don’t have a list – mental or otherwise – to influence where my travels will take me next year or what I want to do.

My original thoughts for next year was to island hop the Greek Islands. After talking with various friends and family, kayaking in Sweden and a trip to Costa Rica are also possible destinations. No doubt another destination will appeal to me after a Facebook advert appears in my news feed.

I may visit somewhere I have never thought of visiting.

That is me. But do some people do what they do, not because they actually want to, but because of a list. Their bucket list.

Am I taking the bucket list concept too literally? Maybe.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

However I have spoken to people who have said they visited Paris just to ‘tick’ the Eiffel Tower off their bucket list. Sure visit the Eiffel Tower, but there is so much more to Paris; if the focus of you visit is to tick an attraction off a list you risk missing out.

I do risk being a little hypocritical.

What about people who go on holiday just to ski? You will likely spend most of you time skiing, there isn’t ‘so much more’ to see or risk missing out on, other than perhaps the après-ski if you go to bed too early. The question to ask is has a person gone on a skiing holiday because skiing is on their bucket list, or did they go because they wanted to ski.

By now you can probably tell the concept of the bucket list is an irrational pet peeve of mine

I don’t know why it is a pet peeve, after all people are free to do what they want and it doesn’t affect me or what I do. But I guess I hope people visit the places they go to and experience the things they do because that is what they want to do. Not because of a list.

I suspect my opinion may be in the minority. Perhaps instead of (dis)agreeing with me, share ideas on your bucket list to inspire me to visit a place I have never considered or do something I never thought of doing?

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