How I got to here.

I did not particular enjoy studying English in school, neither English Language nor English Literature. Maths and science was more my thing. I’d always been ‘good’ at maths since a young age, and physics naturally followed.

Two years and three A Levels in Maths, Physics and Computing later, I was going to university to study Nuclear Astrophysics or Physics with Astronomy. I think they were the same thing.

This never happened.

The reason why I never went to university is for another day.

Instead, still holding onto the maths, I found myself a job working for a local accountancy firm. It suited me, and for nearly six years I followed what I good at rather than even thinking about what I wanted to do. I did try to escape the financial world, including spending a few months travelling Australia and a failed attempt going to university as a mature student.

dan-dimmock-323873 (1)

(photo Dan Dimmock)

I say failed as I never completed my first year, yet it was during this year that I received a telephone call that started the path to where I am today. The telephone call was from a recruitment agency local to where I live, asking if I wanted a few weeks work at the council in the Housing Services department.

University wasn’t working for me, so I said yes.

What did Housing Services do though? I knew council houses existed and homeless people slept in sleeping bags on the streets, but that was it. It was only ever going to be temporary.

How little I knew, both about homelessness (shamefully) and just how temporary – or not as was the case – my job in local government would be.

Nine years later I am still at the Council, managing the Housing Supply Team. I enjoy my job but still yearn for something more. I know there is more to my career.

This is where my journey begins. I want to write.

My path is unknown and how I am going to get there is no clearer to me now than when I was trying to escape the world of finance. But knowing what I want to do and doing something about it is exciting enough.

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